Message from The Headteacher


 A message from the school   head teacher :


I, the head teacher Mr. Odawo Alfred  Oduor wish to pass this message to you: that Kabura Ulwan Free Methodist Primary school as an institution for learning do respect the opinion of every individual and accepts one the way he or she is; because of the belief that we are in this World for each other and so to say; feel welcome to share whatever little God has blessed you with  in support of this young school which is still in dire need of infrastucture in order to alleviate the children the agony of constantly being exposed to harsh weather conditions  whenever the urgency for repair  occurs; and be at home.



 GAMES AND SPORTS DEPARTMENTKabura Ulwan Free Methodist Primary School has games and sports departments catering for co – curricular …

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Kabura Ulwan Free Methodist primary school has a school debating club. The school’s debating club encourages the free …

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