Kabura Ulwan Free Methodist Primary School has a club for the rights of the child by name child rights club.
The child right club was introduced into the school on 3rd March 2009 by the Non Governmental Organization (NGO) by name Hope World Wide Kenya.
The club was started as a child labour prevention project with core areas of target being:
i) Cause of child labour and child abuse.
ii) Formula for tackling child labour and abuse.
iii) Creation of awareness of children’s right.
The child rights club endeavors to sensitize the pupils in creation of awareness by performing the school drama and reciting poems showing the effects of child labour and abuse; of which discourages the individual pupils themselves from engaging into payable employment but instead opt for school education. The school has received an increased enrolment by drop outs re –
enrolling. Mr.Odosi Jecton Oduor is the teacher in-charge.

Message from The Headteacher

 A message from the school   head teacher :


I, the head teacher Mr. Odawo Alfred  Oduor wish to pass this message to you: …

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