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The Kbura Ulwan Free Methodist Primary School was started 1996 as an ECD Centre or Nursery school by a free Methodist church Pastor by name Pastor Amos Owoko Ochola and assisted in the teaching of Kabura Ulwan village children by mother Sabina Akello Oketch.
The work of teaching village children was in the Kabura Ulwan village at the home of this lady: Sabina Akello Oketch. The classes progressed as the year advanced from the ECD or Nursery up to class one in the year 1997. The Pastor in charge that is Pastor Amos Owoko Ochola lobbied for assistance so as to acquire a land parcel to enable proper school initiation.
Pastor Amos Owoko Ochola was successful by managing to convince sister Louis Meredith a Missionary from Canada who was the overall in charge of all African Free Methodist Churches in the African Continent.  The Free Methodist Church headquarters was based in Nairobi Kenya.
Sr. Louis Meredith  gave funds to Pastor Amos Owoko Ochola who intern purchased the land parcel from a Kabura Ulwan village native by name George Otieno Ondiege. The land parcel purchased was now converted to be a Free Methodist Church land at which they constructed their semi permanent church building as the Sponsors. The size of the land purchased was 0.37 hectares. The children were now transferred from Sabina Akello Oketch’s home, and under tree shade learning; into this land parcel and their learning continued. Sr. Louis Meredith made occasional visit to monitor the church’s as well as the young children’s learning progress as conducted by Pastor Amos Owoko Ochola with the assistance of the lady mother Sabina Akello Oketch. The Free Methodist Church in need of advancing their school; formed an interim committee consisted of Pastor Amos Owoko Ochola; Pastor Titus Mathias Oyile and the late Patrick Ojwang Moni and in 1998 registered their school by name Kabura Ulwan Free Methodist Primary school with the Ministry of Education thus the creation of the school as a Public Mixed day primary school.
In 1998 the school’s classes had advanced into class two with the entire school enrolment being 60 pupils. The reason for starting and registering the Kabura Ulwan Free Methodist were that Kabura Ulwan village had no school; and was surrounded by the flooded Ulwan Swamp while to the North was covered by river Nzoia; the school to the East at a radius distance of 2 kilometers away was Kalkada Primary school while Luwingo the make shift brigde rendering it impassible to young children and to the West at a radius distance of 2 kilomiters away was Kabura Primary school, unaccessible  by lack of brigde.This flooded Ulwan Swamp made it difficult to the school going age young children to access the two Primary schools given the 2kms radius distance and the possed impending drowning calamity. Therefore the children from Kabura Ulwan village wasted a lot of their time in the village but not attending school. The school having been registered in 1998 got her  Teachers Service Commission's teachers  with the following Head teachers posted in succession as here under:
1. First head teacher in the year 1998 – Mr. Okuto Raphael Olwendo.
2. Second head teacher in the year in 1999 – 2000 – Mr. Otieno Johnstone.
3. Third head teacher in the year January 2001 – June 2001 – Mr. Molo John.
4. Fourth head teacher from June 2001 – date – Mr. Odawo Alfred Oduor.
The school is still very young and in dire need of inf
irastructure development,  though it is a  complete full primary  school with eight single streamed classes and  having  done her K.C.P.E  without fail as from the year 2004 to date; the school to date lacks the school administration block building.  As the school advanced due to increased  enrolment and classes, parents under the  mobilation of the headteacher  Mr.Odawo A. perinially constructed  semipermanent classrooms to alleviate the young children   the  harsh weather conditions;  which are now dilapidated due to rain washing on the windward side and calls for permanent classsrom buildings so as to save the pupils the agony of constant interuptions due to compulsory  repairs.

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